ESTECH A/S, which was established in late 2018, is an engineering and development company that further develops a number of the high-tech and economically sustainable environmental technologies that have previously been placed in its sister company PureteQ A/S. ESTECH is a subsidiary of the PureteQ Group with its administration, testing centre and production based in Svendborg, Denmark.

FOCUS - now and future

ESTECH has a special focus on solving recognized environmental problems and developing technologies that are always at the forefront of legislative and regulatory requirements. ESTECH’s patented sustainable technology solutions are specially developed for the process industry and the energy sector, including;

Carbon capture from exhaust gases and Power-to-X hydrogen production

The purification and heat recovery of flue gas from high polluting industries, and the purification of related process water

Energy utilization of liquid industrial byproducts, hazardous waste and other alternative fuels with low calorific value and high water content.

In addition to the above focus areas in the environment and energy, ESTECH will in the future also focus on the development of drone application technologies that can fully or partially support a continued development of high-tech innovation in the environment.