innovation is in PureteQ’s blood


PureteQ has developed, manufactured and patented an entirely new maritime scrubber system for the purification of flue gas. With its hydrodynamic fluid distribution system, the PureteQ Maritime Scrubber outperforms most traditional scrubber systems in terms of weight and efficiency.

Starting as a developing company, continuous innovation is in PureteQ’s blood – we simply can’t help ourselves. This mindset has already led to several improvements of our scrubber system, as we always seek for new, better and more cost-efficient ways of doing things. We take all inputs from our customers seriously, as the foundation for a good R&D-effort will always be our customers.

For example; we have managed to create a proprietary cost-saving method to minimize back pressure. We have also developed and patented our own fluid distribution system, which makes the process of cleansing the exhaust gas more efficient. Furthermore, PureteQ has developed its own control system, which allows for rapid implementations of innovational initiatives as PureteQ can perform the tasks swiftly in-house without compromising quality.