About Estech

ESTECH is an engineering and development company that develops sustainable environmental technologies in collaboration with PureteQ, a sister company in the PureteQ Group.

Our vision is to create and deliver profitable technologies that combat the impact of human activities on climate change for the benefit of all stakeholders. We will achieve this by delivering cost-effective technologies that reduce emissions into the environment and transform harmful compounds into valuable products.

dictated by the laws of nature

the estech culture

To reach our high ambitions, creating the right culture within the organisation is essential. We encourage bold ideas and dare to make mistakes. We strive to push boundaries and keep things simple, while recognising that we are bound by the laws of nature.

For us, cutting-edge innovation is not just about creating new, ground-breaking technologies – it is about developing reliable technologies that are more cost-effective than competing solutions on the market.


Patented solution

Our patented combination of carbon capture and parallel production of hydrogen is unique, as it merges two operations in one combined process. The ESTECH system provides cost-efficient CO2 capture and optimal Power-to-X integration between CO2 capture and hydrogen production – all based on green electrical power with no thermal heat requirement.



The energy efficient ESTECH CCCH2 solution consumes less energy than other plant designs (which typically focus on either CO2 capture or hydrogen production). We have demonstrated that a high percentage of the green energy consumed by the ESTECH pilot plant is attributed to the production of hydrogen. It therefore has the potential to become the most energy efficient CCS technology on the market for small and medium sized industries with no available thermal energy source.


A part of PureteQ group

ESTECH is a subsidiary of the PureteQ Group with administration, design, development, testing centre and production facilities based in Svendborg, Denmark.

By drawing on PureteQ’s patented exhaust gas purification technology, based on hydrodynamic fluid distribution, we have been able to accelerate our product development process. The hydrodynamic fluid distribution ensures optimal conditions for the gas/fluid reaction, resulting in a smaller reaction chamber/scrubber. PureteQ’s expertise is not limited to the scrubber tower but also the process control; the process as a whole in an integrated, operationally secure and measurable system that can be serviced remotely via remote control and AI-based tools.

We will continue our collaboration with PureteQ on our next plant, which is expected to increase capacity by up to 100 times.