Grand opening of carbon capture test plant

ESTECH has recently sold a test plant to Danish Technological Institute (DTI) based on ESTECH’s technology – called CAPPOW – that combines carbon capture and power-to-x. The new test facility will be capturing CO2 from the flue gas from combustion of biomass and explore different flue gas compositions and carbon dioxide concentrations. 

The test plant is part of DTI’s new Carbon Capture Lab that will be offering companies the possibility to test and improve their carbon capture technologies and thereby eventually be able to reduce the costs, increase efficiency and scalability. DTI thereby plays a prominent role in bridging research with the need for new technologies that support decarbonization of the industrial sector.

According to Søren Gert Larsen, CEO: ‘The collaboration with DTI will provide us with valuable knowledge about the usage of different capture mediums and solvents, including thermal desorption, and will among other things contribute to our development of onboard carbon capture for the maritime industry’.

CAPPOW is a state-of-the-art technology within carbon capture utility and storage (CCUS) that proves more energy efficient than prevailing CCUS technologies. It qualifies for different flue gas compositions and carbon dioxide concentrations and will give Technological Institute the opportunity to offer customized carbon capture solutions that meet the operational patterns of any industrial production that emits CO2.

About Carbon Capture Utility & Storage (CCUS)

CCUS refers to a suite of technologies that can capture and make effective use of the high concentrations of CO₂ emitted by industrial activities such as production of cement, steel, and hydrogen. CCUS is expected to play a crucial role in meeting global energy and climate goals to reduce Green House Gas emission with 70 percent by 2030 compared to 1990.

Opening ceremony of the Carbon Capture Lab at DTI

The official opening of the Carbon Capture Lab was celebrated on November 9, 2023, with an opening speech by Juan Farré, CEO of DTI, followed by presentations about the various options that carbon capture have to offer from the viewpoint of Morten Gjetting Stage, Head of CCS and Technical Service at TotalEnergies, Kasper Stefan Frederiksen, Head of Plant Technology at Ørsted, and our CEO at ESTECH, Søren Gert Larsen. The host Jan Boyesen, Market Director, CCUS at DTI welcomed the attendees and offered a tour around the premises to demonstrate the new test plant and show DTI’s other carbon capture technologies.



Søren Gert Larsen, CEO
M: +45 3080 7527
E: sgl@estech.dk


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