ESTECH receives DKK 20.6 million for scaling of Power-to-X-plant

News release from ESTECH
Svendborg, 20 Jan 2022

ESTECH’s new and efficient technology, which combines CO2 capture with the production of hydrogen in one process, has received a commitment of DKK 20.6 million from the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP) under the Danish Energy Agency.

We are proud of and pleased with the award decision, which, together with our own investments, contributes to us being able to scale and market our facilities, which have been running for over a year now with extremely positive results. It’s also a seal of approval that has intensified our drive to continue our development journey even more, and of course it also increases interest in ESTECH and our groundbreaking new Power-to-X technology,” says Anders Skibdal, Chairman of the Board, CEO of PureteQ Group.

ESTECH has a pilot plant in operation at Vandcenter Syd (a Danish waterwork) in Odense, Denmark, and since January 2021 the plant has removed CO2 from flue gas from an industrial chimney and produced hydrogen. The ambition is for PureteQ / ESTECH to have the first commercial plant with integrated CO2 capture and production of green hydrogen ready around the turn of the year 2023/24.

For more information, please contact

Søren Gert Larsen,
M: +45 3080 7527
E: sgl@estech.dk


ESTECH A/S, which was established in late 2018, is an engineering and development company that further develops several high-tech and economically sustainable environmental technologies that have previously been placed in its sister company PureteQ A/S.

ESTECH has developed and patented a unique combination of Carbon Capture and parallel production of hydrogen. The technology is unique in its approach to Carbon Capture, as it merges two operations in one combined process. The ESTECH system provides cost-efficient capturing of CO2, and a maximum integration to Power-to-X between CO2 capture and hydrogen production – solely based on green electrical power, with no thermal heat requirement.

ESTECH is a subsidiary of the PureteQ Group with its administration, design, development, testing centre and production based in Svendborg, Denmark.

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