We are an engineering company that develops sustainable environmental technologies to meet demands from various stakeholders.

ESTECH is a subsidiary of the PureteQ Group with administration, design, research and development, as well as testing centre and production facilities based in Svendborg, Denmark.

an ambitious mission

cost-effective technologies

We design, produce, and deliver cost-effective technologies to reduce emissions and transform harmful compounds into valuable products. We develop innovative technologies to reduce the impact of human activities on global climate change for the benefit of all stakeholders. ESTECH’s combined Carbon Capture and Power to X technology (CCCH2) is expected to play an important part in escalating the clean transition.

Encouraging bold ideas and dare to make mistakes

the estech culture

We have a culture of reaching for the stars – a culture that encourages bold ideas and dares to make mistakes. At ESTECH, we are engineers and scientists. We acknowledge that there are limitations governed by laws of nature, but we continue to push boundaries and strive for unique and simple solutions to complex problems – our only constraints are the laws of nature, when it comes to developing cutting-edge technology.

Our definition of cutting-edge innovation is not just about developing new technologies – it is to develop ground-breaking technologies that prove themselves as reliable and less expensive solutions than competing technologies.

Latest news

lab setup

One step closer to the ultimate full-scale industrial Power-to-X plant

Climate committee visiting ESTECH pilot plant

Climate committee on a study trip to learn more about power-to-x technology

Carbon Capture

ESTECH A/S receives a European patent for innovative CO2 capture technology

Carbon Capture and parallel production of hydrogen

ESTECH CCCH2 solution

We have developed and patented a unique combination of Carbon Capture and parallel production of hydrogen. This technology is unique in its approach to Carbon Capture, as it merges two operations in one combined process. The ESTECH system provides cost-efficient capture of CO2 and a maximum integration of Power-to-X between CO2 capture and hydrogen production – based solely on green electrical power with no thermal heat requirement.

The ESTECH CCCH2 solution is more energy efficient compared with other plants that have typically focused on either CO2 capture or hydrogen production. Tests show that a high percentage of the green energy used at the ESTECH pilot plant is utilised in hydrogen production. It has the potential to become the most energy-efficient CCS technology on the market for small and medium-sized industries with no available thermal energy.

co2 capture and storage

storage of CO2

Denmark has a need for storing up to 40 million tons of CO2 every year. It can be stored underground but requires significant investment in infrastructure, such as pipelines, wells, pumps and onshore facilities. However, storing CO2 in other forms of energy such as hydrogen reduces the need to store it underground. Today, massive amounts of CO2 are released into the atmosphere. For every litre of oil burned, 3 kg of CO2 is produced. The challenge is to capture this CO2 for storage or use it commercially.

net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050

the world's climate goal

The capture and storage of CO2 is crucial for achieving the world’s climate goal of net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050. The solutions to the climate crisis are a mix of diverse and disparate technologies that will require us to continue to use traditional energy sources, while further developing green energy sources, such as wind and solar power.

It also means focus on reducing CO2 emission from exhaust gas while using or storing the CO2 caught – Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). CCS plays a vital part in meeting the 250 climate targets as the CCS-technology contributes to reducing emissions, which are challenging to reduce by other methods.