ESTECH A/S is a greentech engineering company that develops sustainable technologies to minimize human-induced climate change and to production of green fuels. We believe in the reutilization of CO2 to minimize the consumption of fossil fuels. ESTECH is a subsidiary company of PureteQ Group with administration, design, research, and development, including testing and production facilities, in Svendborg, Denmark.

cost-effective sustainable technologies

From waste to value

We design, produce, and deliver cost-effective technologies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and transform harmful compounds into valuable products. We develop innovative technologies to reduce the impact of human activities on global climate change for the benefit of all stakeholders. ESTECH’s technology CAPPOW, short for Carbon Capture and Power-to-X, is expected to play an important part in escalating the clean transition.

Combined carbon capture and hydrogen production


We have developed and patented a unique combination of carbon capture and parallel production of hydrogen. A technology unique in its approach to carbon capture as it merges two operations in one and provides cost-efficient capture of CO2 and a maximum integration of Power-to-X between CO2 capture and hydrogen production – based solely on green electrical power with no thermal heat requirement. We call the technology CAPPOW, short for Carbon Capture and Power-to-X. Tests show that a high percentage of the green energy used at the ESTECH pilot plant is utilised in hydrogen production, and thereby has the potential to become the most energy-efficient carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology on the market for small and medium-sized industries with no available thermal energy.

Encouraging bold ideas and dare to make mistakes

the estech culture

Our company culture allows our employees to reach for the stars – we encourage and welcome bold ideas and dare to make mistakes. At ESTECH we are engineers and scientists. We acknowledge limitations governed by the laws of nature, but we keep pushing boundaries and strive to develop cutting-edge technology that embraces unique and simple solutions to complex problems.

Our definition of cutting-edge innovation is not just about developing new technologies – it is about developing ground-breaking technologies that prove themselves reliable and cost-effective.

Latest news

Air photo CAPPOW plant VCS

Potential Game-Changer in the Green Transition

Carbon capture test facility

Grand opening of carbon capture test plant

Hotdogs and Cocio at topping out ceremony

Topping-out ceremony