Climate committee on a study trip to learn more about Power-to-X

On Monday September 19, 2022, a delegation of the Climate, Energy and Utilities Committee from the Danish Parliament paid a visit to our project plant at VCS Denmark – VandCenter Syd to learn more about ESTECH’s patented carbon capture process with electrolytic regeneration. A Power-to-X technology that combines absorption of carbon with production and storage of hydrogen based on electricity generated from renewable energy.

The visit was the first stop on their 2-day study trip to Funen, the purpose of which is to gain knowledge and hands-on experience from selected companies’ work on the green transition in Denmark. Work that is essential if Denmark is to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of reducing global human-driven releases of greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

VCS Denmark – one of the largest water and wastewater utilities in Denmark – are kindly providing their facilities to our project plant that comprises a CO2 absorber based on our sister company PureteQ’s scrubber technology and an electro-chemical cell with related tanks, pumps, and control panel. VCS Denmark are cooperating with a wide range of Danish and foreign universities, utilities, and private companies on developing and testing sustainable, environmental-friendly, and cost-effective energy optimization and use of organic material of wastewater as a resource for energy production.

Within the next year, the ESTECH pilot plant will expand to a larger scale demonstration plant at VCS Denmark and is thereby one step closer to the ultimate full-scale industrial size that is to play an important role in the pursuit to combat climate change.


About the ESTECH technology and demonstration plant
  • The technology uses an electro-chemical process for desorption of hydrogen, and PureteQ scrubber technology as absorber to capture CO2 from flue gas.
  • The technology consumes less energy than the standard amine technology and is thereby cost-effective.
  • The technology is patented in both the US and Europe.
  • The technology of the pilot plant has obtained proof of concept and will be upscaled to a demonstration plant in 2023 that will be capturing more than 200 kg/h CO2.



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