ESTECH pilot plant project meets all requirements from Innovation Fund

News release from ESTECH
Svendborg, 9 Sep 2021 

The ESTECH pilot plant has completed the testing phase and the final project report has been submitted to Innovation Fund Denmark. 

The project has met all requirements set by the fund and has successfully demonstrated that the ESTECH concept of a combined Carbon Capture and Hydrogen Production is more efficient compared with the traditional amine-based method. 

The pilot plant is now fully operational and will continue testing on The VandCenter Syd facilities in preparations for a larger demonstration plant, which will also serve as a demonstration plant for visitors. 

ESTECH A/S, which was established in late 2018, is an engineering and development company that further develops several high-tech and economically sustainable environmental technologies that have previously been placed in its sister company PureteQ A/S. 

ESTECH has developed and patented a unique combination of Carbon Capture and parallel production of hydrogen. The technology is unique in its approach to Carbon Capture, as it merges two operations in one combined process. The ESTECH system provides cost-efficient capturing of CO2, and a maximum integration to Power-to-X between CO2 capture and hydrogen production – solely based on green electrical power, with no thermal heat requirement. 

ESTECH is a subsidiary of the PureteQ Group with its administration, design, development, testing centre and production based in Svendborg, Denmark. 

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