One step closer to the ultimate full-scale industrial Power-to-X plant

Within the next year, the ESTECH pilot plant, based on a unique combination of carbon capture and green hydrogen production, will expand to a larger scale demonstration plant at VandCenter Syd – VCS Denmark and is thereby one step closer to the ultimate full-scale industrial size.

When the demonstration plant is up and running, we will not only demonstrate the scalability of the technology, but we also expect the plant’s energy consumption to be severely reduced.

To optimize the operation of the coming demonstration plant, we have set up a new laboratory at our headquarters in Svendborg to test different electrode materials, different solvents, configurations, and membranes, and to optimize cathode and anode processes, as well as carbon capture operation parameters.

Small steps to success

The reason for not betting on a full-scale plant based on the pilot plant alone is to minimize potential risks of unexpected obstacles or irreversible drawbacks and irregularities that might be associated with the process of upscaling the technology.

Though, the sooner we can prove our technology to be scalable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective, the better, because Power-to-X technology like this will play an important role in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of reducing global human-driven releases of greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.


  • VCS Denmark – one of the largest water and wastewater utilities in Denmark – are providing their facilities to the ESTECH project plant that comprises a CO2 absorber based on our sister company PureteQ’s scrubber technology and an electro-chemical cell with related tanks, pumps, and control panel.
  • Our scrubber-based hydroxide solution is regenerated through electrochemistry. The main benefit of an electro-chemical reaction is that the process generates hydrogen (Power to X).
  • The technology uses an electro-chemical process for desorption of hydrogen, and PureteQ scrubber technology as absorber to capture CO2 from flue gas.
  • The technology of the pilot plant has obtained proof of concept and will be upscaled to a demonstration plant in 2023 that will be capturing several hundred kg/h CO2.
  • ESTECH’s technology uses potassium hydroxide (a less health hazardous substance) for the carbon capture process instead of the standard amine technology used in many industrial processes.
  • The technology has potential to consume less energy than the standard amine technology and will thereby be cost-effective.
  • The technology is patented in both the US and Europe.


For more information, please contact

Søren Gert Larsen, CEO
M: +45 3080 7527
E: sgl@estech.dk



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